Character Building Curriculum by Jenifer Mahler

Studying virtues and God's Word brings strength and stability to children of all ages. Imagine teaching children that they are so special to God that they get to star in their own book of virtues! The Scrapbook of Virtues (SBV 1 and 2) and God's Friend Or Enemy: Which Am I? (GFOE) are studies that may be used for all types of ministry groups and individuals.

This curriculum has been developed for elementary (SBV 1), junior high/high school (SBV 2 and GFOE) and junior high to adult (GFOE). Check out the books page and music page for more specific information. Check out the testimonials from folks that have used these books and loved learning this way. Skits, poetry, music, and Scripture memory all draw in each of the learning types and minister God's Word deeply.

If you have any questions, contact Jenifer Mahler who will be happy to help you choose the right book for your program.

Virtuous Conquerors' Goals

  1. To provide curriculum to organizations that work with the following: vacation Bible schools, at-risk children, Sunday Schools, after school or backyard Bible studies, home education coops, ministries to inmates' families, scout groups, and Christian camps.
  2. To encourage systematic use of the curriculum which will teach character building, develop a love for God’s Word, increase scholarship and the ability to reason Biblically, and instill desire to live a righteous life.
  3. To give a basic understanding of life in Jesus Christ as foundational to living a productive life as a contributing member of society through all materials developed and presented in classes, seminars, camps, etc.