About Jenifer Mahler

Jenifer Mahler is a wife and mother, teacher, author, musician and composer who has home educated her 4 children for 26 years. She has been married to the same wonderful man, Michael Mahler, for 28 years. She has a masters degree in music and teaches voice at Texas Christian University. She has a passion for children growing in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ and has found a unique, cutting edge way of doing this through scrapbooking, skits, word studies, poetry, and original music. Children have responded very favorably to Jenifer's methods of learning virtues in her first two volumes of Scrapbook of Virtues. Sally Allison has written the skits for both Volumes One and Two of the Scrapbook of Virtues. An accomplished actress herself, she has written the two skit series based on a Neighborhood Club (Grades 5-8) and puppets (Grades 1-4) for Volume One and a medieval themed set with jester, prince and princess, knight and ladies in waiting for Volume Two.

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