Music by Jenifer Mahler

Scrapbook of Virtues Vol. 1

Each song corresponds to a virtue studied in Scrapbook of Virtues Vol. 1. Purchase the CD of original songs written and sung by Jenifer Mahler and also sung by Kaysha King, a former member of the Texas Girls Choir


Scrapbook of Virtues Vol. 1 (Songbook/Piano Accompaniment)

Included with the melody is piano and guitar accompaniment to accompany the children when they want to sing with the piano. All 12 of the virtues songs are included with melody, words and piano accompaniment.

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God Will Joy Over You With Singing

God has been showing me awesome things about music and the Word of God together. I have been using a lot of John Elliott's music as a foundation to sing out Scripture and intercessory prayers in my prayer times. There is an unmistakable growth there, when we offer our whole selves to God, that is a powerful work of the Holy Spirit in us and yields more love in our hearts for others and a walk in new authority. This is my experience as of this whole summer of 2010 since God has been teaching me about this new way to worship Him. All over the Psalms we are commanded to sing a 'new song' to Him. If we sing the same choruses over and over, is that new? But every time I put on one of John's CDs and sing out the praises of God through lifting up the name of Jesus, I am singing a new song, because situations and prayers are different every day. It's been a very exciting time in my life. God began telling me to invite women over to sing with me, but it ended up that I would sing over them and they would experience peace, healing, joy, etc. Below are the 3 favorite CDs I use of John's for this purpose. Please go to his site to order and receive $2 off for mentioning the name of Virtuous Conquerors.

Piano Peace

Piano Peace features John on the solo acoustic piano. This has been one of John's most popular albums. Travail is commanding and powerful. The composition Piano Peace is tender and nostalgic. My favorite is Golden Bowls of Incense which truly lifts me to the throne of God every time I sing with it. The Lord's power, peace and majesty can be heard through the beautiful melodies and musical adventures. Piano Peace is an excellent selection for playing during intense prayer and intercession times. It can truly serve as calming relief to the listener.

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Radiance is an album created for the purpose of ushering the listener into the presence of God through deep meditation and peace in Him. The CD is for the purpose of "soaking" - which is basically the action of resting in God's presence and listening to Him. It is the "listening side" of prayer. This album is intended to enable the listener to encounter God in stillness and peace despite the noise and busyness of our society. However, I use it to sing God's Word back to Him, whatever He is sharing with me in a day. And I've used it to sing over women who have reported healing, renewed love for the Lord and more desire to witness to others of God's love. It's very powerful in anointing, and many people I know go to sleep with it every night. I did, too, for almost a year! (My son, David Mahler, National Hammer Dulcimer Champion, plays his dulcimer on the piece Andante which is absolutely beautiful!)

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The Fourth Watch of the Night

The Fourth Watch of the Night features John on the acoustic grand piano. This album has a deeply soothing feel and brings a peaceful mood to any situation, time, or place. It is music that assists in prayer, worship and intercession. Currently known as "soaking music"---- It is excellent for reflection and meditation. But again, I also use it to sing over the women God brings into my life.

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