Jack Hill, Life Coach of "I was very excited to see what you have done. The language of the heart is pictures. Everything that has ever happened to you, that you experienced, said, heard, tasted and touched is recorded in your heart - both conscious and subconscious memories. When we recall a situation we bring up a picture of it.

The battle many have today is the battle of intellect vs heart. We are all trained from an early age to prefer the intellect and push aside the heart. Everyone talks about the heart all the time. But few know where it is and how to access it. So we blunder our way through life unsure of our heart. Jesus lives in our heart but most people live in their intellect, and wonder why they have such a difficult time connecting with Him.

The interface with our intellect is word definitions and formulae’s. We are great at defining things and formularizing our lives, but none of this brings us into the Kingdom of God. That only comes through the heart and experience. Because you have developed a way to “visualize” the scripture you are able to get kids to take the scripture and meaning directly into their heart. It by-passes the intellect. Well done. "

Pastors/Teachers Comments

Pastor Roger Hollar of Glenview Baptist Church and Mercy Heart ministries in Haltom City, Texas has a few words of recommendation: “Jenifer stresses repeatedly that ‘Virtues are like a multi-faceted diamond all making up goodness and morality. And that goodness can only be achieved through a personal relationship with Jesus.’ Children who went through this seminar (at Mercy Heart ministry) thoroughly enjoyed the craft portion and were very attentive during teaching time. They have a personal scrapbook that can serve as a keepsake that they can be proud of and treasure for years to come. I highly recommend this study to any children’s department. This study is creative and fun.”
"Because the Scrapbook of Virtues seminar focused on each individual student and how they relate to God's presence in their lives, it was able to keep their undivided attention and build confidence in who they are as individuals." Ray, Fort Worth, TX
"We had a total of 19 children participating in our Cityview Church Vacation Bible School. Each day we focused on 2-3 Biblical virtues where the children learned Bible verses with each virtue which had a symbol to help them remember what the virtue meant. Then the children would scrapbook the pictures and memorabilia they had brought to represent the virtue. They did such a good job expressing their feelings through journaling and drawing. They caught on quickly and it was neat to see them use their creativity to create their own book of virtues." Leslie Fladberg, Fort Worth, TX
The Scrapbook of Virtues curriculum has been a wonderful blessing to our family far beyond CAMP VIRTUE. The children love the songs. The girls and I, especially, have enjoyed developing choreography to the songs and performing the skits in church. I have also been directly ministered to by our Father in heaven as I listened to the CD driving down the road. Thank you Jenifer for pouring your heart and time into developing this curriculum. May your ministry of Virtuous Conquerors continue to flourish and bring glory to our Father in heaven. Your Fellow Servant and Sister in Jesus Christ, La'tonia Smith

Participants in the Virtues Seminars

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful book! What precious moments we have spent together as we have worked on our virtue scrapbooks. Daddy has even used the kids' scrapbooks for devotions. We have lots of curriculum on our bookshelves, but this has to be the best money and time I've ever spent! We will cherish the kids' scrapbooks for many years to come. We plan on adding to them throughout their school years. We are using them as a kind of record that they will be able to show their future spouses or anyone who wants to know how they've spent their time learning virtues, character, and applying God's Word to their lives. Thank you so much and God bless you for taking the time to put what you have learned into something that we can use to teach our children life-long, eternal lessons. Only by grace, Amy Coltrain, North Carolina"
"My little brother and I had a great time doing the book. It taught us how to share and treat other people better." Johanna, Fort Worth, TX
"My favorite page is Gentleness because I learned that I have to be gentle with my baby cousin." Kristin, Haltom City, TX

Parents' Thoughts on Their Children's Participation

"I loved seeing Hannah spend time in the Bible on her word studies for Scrapbook of Virtues Volume One..." Diana, Justin, TX
"Tara enjoyed learning about these virtues and God's thoughts on them." Joanne, Keller, TX
"Jonathan had fun doing the scrapbook. He learned how to do a word study, how to reason and think about what God was doing in his life. It was a fun class! He has a better understanding of the virtues." Debbie, Irving, TX